Just like it happened so often before, Greek settlers longing for a new hope at distant shores landed and in northern Libya they founded the city of Kyrene, a name soon to be well known in Africa. At first having good relationships with the Libyan indigenous population, the Greeks soon violated them, expelled them from their lands with superior weapons. Further expeditions were started and finally the Libyans managed to stir up the mighty Pharaoh for a fight against the expanding city state, but even he lost.\nHowever, no one is invincible and the citizens had to pay a terrible price for that lesson when thousands of their sons never returned from yet another expedition against the Libyans. Now they concentrate on economical strength, but that power can be easily translated into military power...

The excellent economical basis of the state ensured rich and effective equipment for the typical Greek hoplites also let into battle by the Kings of Kyrene. Adapting, they chose to use even Egyptian techniques for their arms and armor. Also Egyptian influence is reflecting in their lifestyle, especially the religion seeing the absorption of the oracle god Amun as Zeus Ammon. Still trade is the best source of income since Kyrene holds the iron monopoly on the mysterious Silphion-plant.

The King of Kyrene has three different choices if he wants to expand further. In the south there are the ferocious Libyans with their poor land, in the east the mighty Pharaoh was more than ready to crush Kyrene, but there is another option, a naval expedition.


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