The Democracy which made Athenai (Athens) famous has not yet come to pass, Athenai is ruled by one man Peisistratos, son of Hippokrates. Solon the Law giver has recently died and the poor people of Athenai have lost their benefactor. But the recent war with Megara has left the Athenaioi in need of a strong leader and Peisistratos is that man, with the drive to succeed and a strong army at his back it is only a matter of time before Greece is unified under an empire with dominating Athenaioi. Athenai has yet to come into her golden age, but it is only a matter of time before Athenai bursts into her prime and creates a legacy that will last through the ages.

The army of the Athenaioi is not a strong cavalry force, neither do they possess masterful archers, but Athenai's infantry is a master of the hoplite phalanx and certainly a force to be reckoned with. A charge from the phalanx can tear through almost any infantry, this wall of bronze is an unstoppable force when engaged head on, however, a skilled commander will always keep a reserve to stop his valued phalanx from being flanked. The troops are drawn from the citizens of Athenai, each man fighting with what he can afford but all of them fighting for their city. It is this strong belief that the citizens are part of the city that gives the Athenaioi such courage in battle, and in defense of Athenai it would be hard to find a man who fled rather than fight for his stake in the city.

Athenai will soon be on the lips of every Easterner fearing Greek as the valiant defenders of Greece who played David to the Great King's Goliath. But for now Athenai will build up her forces and exert the power she is destined to have over the Hellenic world.


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